Noor Mohammad Gharwal International company is a full service general contractor specializing in commercial and institutional construction. We offer traditional general contracting services as well as pre construction, construction management and design/build services. Noor Mohammad Gharwal International company will perform work on either a negotiated or a competitive bid basis..

N.M.G.C.B.Co is Afghan Engineering Construction Company to Provide Services Firm established in 2003, with a Strong and firm basis supported by well equipped and experienced unit Comprising of local & foreign engineers and experts Noor Mohammad Gharwal Construction, Business Co… Has entered the Afghan Construction & Service etc… The Lead Project Management and Sustainable Infrastructural Services Provider for the Full Project Life Cycle in Afghanistan for U.S government & LOGCAP.. At N.M.G.C.B.Co. we've been in the business of engineering building long enough to know construction inside, out and from top to bottom. But not so long that we've become unyielding and set in our ways. The truth is, we're aways looking for better methods of building and better solutions to complicated Construction problems. With N.M.G.C.B.Co. Company as your contractor, you'll find us bringing a spirited Exuberance to your project. You'll see us involved in every stage of planning and construction. And you'll benefit from our experience, skill and building expertise. But most of all, you'll appreciate our upfront, No-nonsense honesty. we are fully aware of past and present of our country, we do know how to work & Cooperate with Client and we offer quality services and income opportunities for our people. All our efforts are dedicated to improving & secure the requirement of basses for them.

These are essentials I expect from my construction company because our customers expect them from us. We create Positive, memorable experiences and lasting relationships because our actions Are guided by our core Value es Company uses innovative construction methods to respond uniquely and specifically to each project Need. We are a forward-thinking company with a solid background of proven performance and Experiences We turn bricks and mortar into visions realized. N.M.G.C.B.Co. is guided by board of Directors-Director General and his management team, which is comprised of all department and section heads, carries out its management and operations teams & we will ensure that all resources of the company will be fully available to meet project commitments and expectations N.M.G.C.B.Co. makes ongoing reports to keep project managers up-to-date with all aspects of cost and schedule milestones. We incorporate International Building Codes, QC, and Safety Standards on projects sites. VICC provides Construction &Logistic Services for military and civilian facilities that require protection from: Conventional weapons, accidental explosions, and terrorist threats.

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