Noor Mohammad Gharwal International company is a full service general contractor specializing in commercial and institutional construction. We offer traditional general contracting services as well as pre construction, construction management and design/build services. Noor Mohammad Gharwal International company will perform work on either a negotiated or a competitive bid basis..

01. Building construction (Concert B-huts, Barrack, etc)

02. Concert Barrier ( Alaska Barrier, T-wall, Bunker, Jersey Barrier, Taxes Barrier etc…)

03. Road construction.

04. Reinforcement Canal

05. Construction of Stone Wall, Concert light pole up to 18.5m, Guard Tower, Conex &…

06. Maintaining of Dams

07. Landscape and construction of Parks & Services.

08. Bridges and Overpasses

09. High raised buildings, factories and industrial parks.

10. Substations (Underground Facilities).

11. Military and possessive FOB’s

12. Service & Maintenance of Generators, Electronic equipments, A/C & Small / large vehicles

13. Service of Trash Bins, Port-a Johns, Toilets & Waste Management

14. Leas & sell of heavy Equipments, Teller truck, Flat Bed …

15. Transportation & Courier Service available on all FOB’s of Afghanistan

16. Service of Metallic & Non Metallic Scrape at all location of DLA Disposition

17. Logistic & Food Service on all location of Afghanistan (Secure & insecure)

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