Noor Mohammad Gharwal International company is a full service general contractor specializing in commercial and institutional construction. We offer traditional general contracting services as well as pre construction, construction management and design/build services. Noor Mohammad Gharwal International company will perform work on either a negotiated or a competitive bid basis..
Noor Mohammad Gharwal International Company provides following quality construction material to its Value ed clients in Afghanistan.
01. Stone Crush & Gravel 16. Pipes - GS & Plastic
02. Iron Bars & T-Irons 17. Windows & Doors
03. Cement - All Types 18. Electrical Items
04. Aluminum Windows 19. Wooden Flooring
05. Fences & HESCO (Delivery and installation) 20. Paints & Resins
06. Global Tear Drop Pallet Rack Add-On 21. Fire Rated Doors / Windows
07. Interlake Tear Drop Pallet Rack Beams 22. PBE Engineering Buildings
08. Nest Tote Boxes 23. Office furniture
09. Hot Water Tank 24. Steel Culverts
10. Ready concert 25. Air Condition (A/C) (Different BTU)
11. Water system item 26. Ply Wood Sheet (Different size)
12. Meat Saw Machine  
13. Rebar (deferent size)  
14. Angel Iron  
15. Washer Pressure Machine  


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