Noor Mohammad Gharwal International company is a full service general contractor specializing in commercial and institutional construction. We offer traditional general contracting services as well as pre construction, construction management and design/build services. Noor Mohammad Gharwal International company will perform work on either a negotiated or a competitive bid basis..
Waste Management Service

Noor Mohammad Gharwal International company is to provide a proposal for any or all of the following services: Black & Grey Water Removal and Disposal Services, Dumpster and Trash Removal and Disposal Services, Disinfected Non-Portable and Portable Water Delivery Services, Chemical Latrine and Hand Wash Station Services, Grease Removal and Disposal Services, and Sludge Removal and Disposal Services in Afghanistan, Area of Responsibility (AOR), in support of the U.S. Army, International Organization, Canadian Army, KBR INC, FLUOR AND LBG&B&V and government of Afghanistan

Following list about our Waste Management Service.

01. Grease dumping and removal service

02. Off Site Dumping GFE Chemical Latrine Waste Water

03. On Site Dumping GFE Chemical Latrine Waste Water

04. Chemical Latrines Service

05. Chemical Latrine Waste Water

06. Dumpster & Trash Site Dumping

07. Dumpster & Trash Site Dumping

08. Grey Water Removal Site

19. Black Water Removal Site

10. Potable Water Delivery

11. Non-Potable Water Delivery

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